iLIKEtoSAYpoop's contest!

Guess what everyone!  Im gonna be an attention whore like Neko and have my own contest too!

It's called:  Poopy's Exciting Adventure!

What you need to do, is write a short-story blog from my point of view about an adventure I went on...  any kind of adventure... you can choose!  Your blog must meet the following criteria though:

1) The blog must be about me, written from first person point of view.  (Ex:  I went to the store)

2)  The blog must contain the following words:  "poop", "excrement", "pendulum", and  "New York Stock Exchange".  It must also contain the phrase  "Beforehand, it looked like velvety-soft rose pedals.  Afterwards, it looked like a bulldog eating mayonnaise."

3) You must include at least one picture of me on my adventure (drawn you fucking assholes, no pictures found off the fucking internet...  just kidding, you can use whatever pictures you like.  God, Neko must've had a stick up her vagina or something.)  The more pictures you use, the better your entry will be!

And thats it!  This is a pretty open contest, so have fun with it!  The winner gets a million bajillion ebones!  I'll have to get str8jcktgurl to suck PepperPeanut's dick or something to make that happen, but rest assured, the winner will get their prize...  >_>

Good luck everyone!  Have fun!

--Poopy McPooperson

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