Im a bitch

So I broke up with my boyfriend like almost a month ago ebcause he dropped out of highschool and thats fucking stupid, anyways and I told him that the only way I'd be with him again was if he would somehow get his diploma, Its an easy choice either you do or you dont

but he wouldnt so I wanted to stay friend but this didnt sit well with him, and many of you dont know me and if you piss me off I'm a very manipulative and vengeful bitch who will mind fuck you until you want to shrivil up and die.

So actualy like not even five minutes ago i was talking to him on msn and things got nasty REAL nasty.

he told me he hopped my boyfriend would dump me so he could laugh at em and I told him I faked orgasms with him.

And that wasnt all of it. So I'm so incredibly pissed that I am actualy picturing punching in the face so hard that his nose breaks into little pieces and  goes into what lets of his tiny little brain

Oh yes If you reading this my dear ex, I hope you get aids and die a painful slow death

Uploaded 09/12/2008
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