im a guido?

ok, so lately ive been taking alot of shit from vardizzle about me supposedly being a guido. ive even seen a group he started called 'i hate guidos' in which i am used as a prime example. for some reason i have become the epitome of all this guy despises. im not really sure why, but lets examine it.

first, the term 'guido'  started as a derogatory term for italians. i am half mexican and half indian. hmmm no fit there. the more recent definition of guido is a guy with spiked hair, popped collars, gold chains, fake tans, designer jeans, wifebeaters, and the general musclehead-douchebag mentality.most often they are associated with living in the tri-state area.

i live in california. i was born here. ive never even been to the tri state area. yes, i do have spiked hair, but its not to fit into any particular clique. i happen to like my hair, but the real reason its like that has nothing to do with style. my mom is full blooded indian, and she has, what can best be described as 'horse hair'. its thick, black, unmanageable, and a general pain in the ass. she has to use horse shampoo to keep it in control. unfortunately, i inherited that from my mom. it pretty much does what it wants without the use of hair glue.

as for gold chains? i dont own any. never have. i think theyre kind of tacky. i do own a silver chain with a medallion on it. it has personal value, i dont wear it for style. in fact, most times, i wear it under my shirt. ive never been a big jewelry person. i own a few high end watches, but only because i used to work at a pawnshop and i got them for a good deal.

as for fake tanning and collar popping? i usually only wear t shirts and im mexican and indian ( i dont have to tan) i dont think i even own a pair of jeans that cost more than 25 dollars, much less anything designer.  i especially dont wear wifebeaters, as i have alot of tattoos and i think it makes me look like a thug. not exactly the public image i want to portray. even with my tattoos theres nothing even remotely trendy. i have alot of them, but all of them have personal significance. nothing i picked off the wall of a tattoo shop. i even keep them all in places where you cant see them if im wearing a tshirt.

i am far from a musclehead douchebag. i dont hit the clubs cruising for chicks and fights and i generally don think with my dick. really i am a family man. i have a beautiful wife and daughter and they are my whole world. i own my own business and i work very hard to provide for my family.

maybe im an example of why you shouldnt judge people based solely on how they look. anyone who meets me generally becomes friends with me because im a pretty easygoing guy. i would consider myself intelligent, articulate, and concerned with more in life than my hairdo. although some seem to be focused on it

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