I'm A Movie Star

Recently I found an ad saying that they're shooting a series where I live and they need to hire actors to do extras. I sent them my photos without hesitation and they called me saying I got the role. I never thought of myself as somebody who would go along the acting career. I'm a musician, but I thought if Will Smith or Sting can be great musicians and actors, why not me?

It turned out I'm not only a genius musician, I also own the set. I didn't know it takes so long to film a short sequence, the doubles, different takes and shit. The thing that sucks about my role is that I could only play in that take, so I need to star in a different movie if I want to continue my great career after the astonishing debut.

I guess I should register an actor account on IMBD and add my stellar performance to the database.

2012 - as Pedestrian

I bet some jealous bitch will show up in the comments and whine out of butt hurt. Boo hoo. I'm a movie star. You're not. Deal with it.

Uploaded 08/19/2012
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