I'm a User

i have reached the beginning of the pinnicle of uselessness. i went from enoob to user yesterday. i celebrated by throwing up in my own mouth and then watched Beaches on tv. then i threw up in my own mouth again.


hello, everyone, my name is AWFULJACKASS and i am a user. i have been a user for about a year now. i used before, but it was only occasional useage. like at parties or when i was bored. then one day i decided to become a full time user and opened an account with the dealer ebaum. of all the things i liked to indulge myself with , the new blog section really hit the spot. it took me to another level that commenting on the feture page just couldn't reach. you mean i get a WHOLE FUCKING PAGE TO RANT AND SPEW MY FILTH ON?!?!?!?!? from then on i was hooked.


i also have been known to use the blog section as my own little fountain of inspiration as i am about to do right...........................NOW!


i need help guys. i need a topic for my persuasive essay course. it must be pin point not broad like government or pollution. this is like a debate on paper and i need to be able to squeeze it into a 4 to 6 page essay. i'm really drawing ablank here and that is rare for me. oh, and per professor requests, no religious or current political shit cuz they are too hard and conveluded to be condenced into what she wants. 


thanks assholes. remember I'm a user. and you all love it.

Uploaded 10/30/2009
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