Im All Messed Up But At Least Im Entertaining

Some people are way too close minded. And I'm a corny rocket fueled fat fruit cake. pssft yeah right (or not). Some stupid butt is gonna read this and judge me so why the f--- am i typing this stupid thing. Just kinda kidding.
I guess sometimes it gets way to real way to fast.
And maybe that's why I am stuck in this cracked rusty shell.

Am I too polite, too honest, too tolerant of other people and always wanting people to accept me. I think i am moving too fast and i think i need a friend. I have to stop thinking so much
I have to free myself from the past and concentrate on making this life as wholesome and fun and awesome as possible. But I'll be as kind to others as i can be, even though they might not understand me.

I have to wake up from this dream state I'm in. I have to stop worrying about other people's drama and focus on the betterment of my soul. Also I need some way to get this anger out of my chest. Whether from writing or playing games or drawling.

I need to push my mind beyond its threshold so it forces the door way open to make room for other stimuli that I must be missing. I need to find a way to listen to music on headphones without slowly going deaf.
's all
Uploaded 09/12/2011
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