Wow, I almost forgot about Ebaums world. I know that seems like something that would be hard to do but its been like a year and I havent been on went surfing tonight and remembered it. And here I am again. Wow.

So new town, new place I live in so thats interesting. Just getting my shit together now cause I don't know anyone or anyplace yet I'll just have to wait and see how it turns out. But anyways.

been online all night and haven't found a damn thing to do not a damn thing AND its 5:20 am right now and I have to be awake at 9 am, fucking yay for me.

Went back and read my old posts and holy shit I talked about masturbating alot. I don't masturbate nearly that much anymore but then again I've been getting it prettty regular as of late so I don't worry too much about it. I was recently told by a fairly attractive woman that I could and I quote "Charm the panties off a nun." you see people. I'm charming in real life just when I blog I say exactly what I think so I come across as immature, horny, rude. Any list of irritating qualities that make people wanna punch me, but I digress.

You see I don't even know if I used that right just now but I don't care I like it and I've been waiting for forever to say but I digress. It just makes everyone else in the room feel a little dumber without you looking like a dickhead its fucking magical. Seriously try it. Just go one a short little rant in front of your friends then say "..But I Digress..." and return to the original subject. Watch there faces. Its awesome.

The time has come the walrus said or some shit like that for me to fucking leave so I'll talk to you all later. Have a great night and happy fucking new year PEACE!

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