i'm just sayin....

so..question: why are boys so fucking stupid?!  [[okay, that's a pretty general, and unanswerable, question so i will bring it down to a specific...]]okay, check it, dickhead, i am not online to date.  (okay okay, so i did do the whole myspace booty call thing, once, and now i'm stuck on that motherfucker and ain't shit gonna change it.  but that's besides the point.)this is my thing: so i'm 'single' (for now, technically, but not really, but whatever) and apparently, even tho my online profiles say here for 'friends' and nothing abt dating, mad people are always hitting me up for the friend adds.  that's cool.  that's absolutely fine.  i don't mind, you wanna chat, check out my profile, my pix, it's whatever.  that's what myspace&facebook&whatever is here for, and, honestly, if i wasn't currently looking for a job i would have my profiles on public, say you friend request me and i'm nice enough to accept.  how does that open the door for you to say 'hi, thx for the add, can we date?'  no fucking lie.  i'd have to say that at least 75% of the boys (and it is usually only boys that friend request me) that want to 'be my friend' seriously think that saying 'hi, can we date?' is an appropriate approach to opening the door to more serious involvement.are you fucking serious?first of all, you don't fucking know me.  you know what i claim to look like, you know a little bit abt my 'twilight' and 'general hospital' obsessions, that i like jenna jameson&i think reading, shoes, miniskirts, &lipgloss are sexy, that i love my friends and i love bingo.  do you seriously believe that you know me well enough to get involved with me because you took the time to look at the icons on my myspace page or read the interests on my yahoo profile?  (i mean, my page is absolutely fucking fabulous, no doubt, but still...come the fuck on!)and why in the world would you even want to date someone that you've nvr even met in real life and would agree to date a total stranger w/o even having a real conversation?that's stupid.  it's crazy and it's absolutely stupid.i even had some lame say they could tell everything abt me from a two minute email conversation.  if you are stupid enough to think that you can tell everything abt a person by a conversation that you didn't even have in person you are not only an idiot, but a fucking jerk as, don't get me wrong.  i'm not saying that social networking sites are no place to meet people.  obviously, they kinda are cuz that's one thing they're kinda for.  but, plz do not mistake that fact that i'm letting you look at my pictures to mean 'i'm gonna let you look at my monkey.'  it's arrogant, and it assumes a lot.we can talk.  we can leave comments, email, im, whatever.  maybe we can even exchange numbers.  but, nvr ever ever does that automatically mean we are going to date, or that i'm even interested in dating you.and, ps, if you are seriously trying to find a girl, like a real girl and you're not abt games and blah blah blah, 'hi, let's date' is probably not gonna get you anywhere you're really trying to go.  try a new approach.  i'm just sayin....
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