I'm Not Just Any Woman!

 There has been some misunderstandings here, and if I am going to continue trying to make you homos real men or at least put you on the right track, I'll have to clear up a few things here. I don't like being called a troll, it is incorrect and just gives you the chance to squirm out of me putting some sense into your pea brains.  And I don't appreciate being called a liar just because I exaggerated  that "there are few good men" by using the statement, "I never met a good man". Of course there are good men, how the hell else would I know one.  I've known a few, but I exaggerated to make the point. Sheesh!

Look I do not like male homosexuals, it is unmanly, dangerous, they are very promiscuous and they spread dangerous sexual diseases at a very high rate. It looks wrong, and by natures reaction to it, it is obviously wrong. I do like female homosexuality, because it does not remove the femininity  from the females. It looks good, feels good, does no harm and is very clean and safe. It is obviously a good thing and natures reaction to it proves it. Basically, a woman who sleeps with another woman is still a woman, but a man who sleeps with another man is not a man.

I do not mind guys looking at tastefully done photos, even of me, to get their libidos going, but the use of full blown porn instead of manning up and learning how to treat a young lady with dignity and respect that she may one day make it real for you, is sickening. Thinking it is desirable to screw your own hand over making something of yourself in the eyes of a good woman is ape like.  By your continued use of vulgarity here, it emphasises your lack of motivation to climb out of the hole you have created for yourselves and will further your descent from learning how to become a well rounded, respectful, deserving of respect full grown man. Emphasis on man!

I realize some guys here are just pretending to be assholes and will say they are not like that in real life,  but the more you do it, the more you become it. Trust me on that. If you continue this overt stupidity you will never have a good woman and a lot of  woman will never know a good man. The point is you are all screwing up your potential and invariably your lives.
Uploaded 08/06/2012
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