I'm not making this shit up

A few weeks ago I lost my faithful carpenters helper of seven years. We had a lull in work for a couple of weeks. After years of prodding from my helpers dad and wife he decided to go to work for a plumber as an apprentice. His dad was my brother in law and doesn't like me very much. It doesn't bother me much but it just adds to the scenario.

I had a bathroom reno to complete after the lull in work and still hadn't found a new helper. I had to work 150% to still earn my needed income and was getting tired after two weeks alone.

At the end of the job, it was time to hook up the plumbing lines and get the house in ship shape. Previously I had bought and securely placed all my plumbing parts in small cardboard boxes. I knew I would be turning off the water supply on Good Friday and had to be fully prepared so nothing could go wrong. All stores in Ontario are closed on Good Friday.

The morning of Good Friday I start to put the plumbing together and discover I am missing a key part, worth about 89 cents. I've already turned off the water to this family with an 18 month old baby!

In desperation I called up my previous helper hoping he could get me the needed part. To my surprise, he is helping his new boss get organized. I tell him of my situation and he suggests I go to his new bosses home.

I explained the situation and the materials I was working with to my new acquaintance.

He told me the advice I had received from the builders store was incorrect. If I had used the parts they sold me, within 2-3 weeks the water supply lines would blow. He then explained to me the correct way to connect the lines and gave me the parts in return for  a cup of coffee.

On my way back to the job I ran this over and over in my mind. I was truly elated, I knew I had with extreme caution secured the needed parts, yet one was missing. If it didn't go missing I would have used it. Within 2-3 weeks the line would have blown and the house would flood. This bathroom was on the third floor, and the damage would have been enormous. I have good insurance coverage but my reputation would have been seriously damaged.

After this experience my belief in God grew 10 fold. There was no way that part could have gone missing without divine intervention.

It doesn't end there however. On Good Friday I had hired a new helper. He was clean cut, healthy and well spoken. He had just left his job as an orderly at the mental hospital. Over the last few days I picked his brain about mental disorders and what he has learned.

To the few who have read my blogs you know I have some pretty strong views on psychopaths and sociopaths within society. I engaged him on my views that my previous blogs suggested, and he confirmed my thoughts. He had experience in dealing with these individuals and had gained insight from psychiatrist he had befriended.





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