I'm not watching the superbowl

I'm not watching the superbowl because I'm sitting here writing papers for a course I hate but have to take in order to get enough credits to graduate college. I'm not watching the superbowl because I'm also sitting here waiting for a reply that's never coming because you're too damn distracted by the game and by that chick of whom you can never stop thinking about even when you're talking to someone you know loves you. These are valid reasons to why I am not watching the game, by the way how were The Who? Who won? Was it a slaughter? Would it have been better if the Vikings and Jets had played, or Jets and Saints, or the Colts and Vikes? Who or what would've made it better or was it amazing and flawless as is? On a random note I bought a new truck on Friday, it's a 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat. It's pretty cool, moving on, excuse the next vent paragraph. It's a bit random unless you know who I'm talking about or unless that person is you, or you're that chick I really am beginning to despise =)

You're an asshole I hope you know that because I'm sick of being played I'm sick of you treating me like dirt leading me on for 8 months straight then dropping me as soon as she comes back into the picture. It's not only low it's childish =) I should be over you but I'm not I will admit that. You actually told me the only thing that kept you going when things were rough and scary was that you knew someone cared, that you knew someone gave a damn whether you lived or died, that you knew someone would notice your absence. You knew I cared you fucker! Who the fuck checked up on you while you got so fucking shitfaced you couldn't do anything but watch re runs of the same god damn film every god damn day?? Yeah that's right I did, you know it and I know, not that perfect chick that wasn't around at the time. Because of you, I used to think that just having someone care about me would be enough but then I realized the one person I wanted to care didn't. You don't care about me or my life, you give a shit about that perfect girl who you shove me aside for everytime she comes around. You tell me what I want to hear in order to keep me moving on keep me breathing for a few days..I didn't just realize this I just haven't had the guts to say it up till now.

Did I mention that Valentines day is the worst holdiay of the year? For all the couples out there it is your favorite day to make out infront of everyone else and get to brag about it and not get bitch slapped for doing it. and for every single person it's our favorite holiday to stick our middle fingers up in the air say fuck you and get drunk so we don't remember we have to work tomorrow, and listen to all the fucking taken people explain what they're spouse girlfriend boyfriend did for them. Yup a worthless holiday, why don't they make a national "Let's get drunk and fuck" holiday? Now that'd be a good holiday if I do say so myself.

But anyway how's that game boys and girls? I'm kind of curious but I gotta get back to writing a 10 page essay on what a Native American is what their tribe truely is etc. It's pissing me off so I thought I'd write a blog. Thanks for the read, appreciate it.


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