im one pissed off bitch

hey all, so i first would like to mention, i am fucking LOVIN single life :D hells yea baby gabs a playa now bitches lock up ur men!

so about my anger issues? yeh didnt get rid of those yet.

it makes me fucking sick, that you had it all-a great girl, a beautiful baby, and then you just throw it all away you fat fucking bitch just for a taste of some little 18 yr old pussy? and as for you answer to my question of weather or not ud date a 12 yr old if it was legal? your answer was "yeah if she was hot and had a nice rack" wtf is wrong with you you stupid redneck bastard, are you really that fucking sick you goddamn petifile, that is a fucking baby.

when we were together you kept saying how i was getting fat and all that shit? yeah my body may not be perfect but it is fucking so much closer then yours will ever be. when u drop 150lbs and stop dressing like a fuckin fag then i might say otherwise, but there ARE other parts that will remain the same that will never be enough, such as your 4" cock.

your fat ass takes up so much room on the bed i much preferred to sleep on the couch. unfortunately i couldnt, because you were too cheep to buy a new one so the middle was on the fucking floor with a shitload of pillows stacked up.

when i was pregnant with YOUR CHILD, you kept leaving around dinner time and didnt come back for about oh, the time it takes to grab dinner and a movie. maybe a quickie in the back of the mitsu? ha.

im honestly impressed- with a face and body like that you still get a lot of ass. just goes to show ya, hoes will fuck anything with a good bank account.

so have fun with your new gf-im so relieved you moved on, was scared you would like stalk me or something like guys have done in the past.  but if you ever try to take my baby away from me, i swear to fucking god i will cut your balls off fatass.

love always, gabbie. *smoochies*

Uploaded 06/13/2008
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