I'm Reviving This Section

As many of you have already noticed, since me and a lot of other great bloggers got tired of the low life trolls in this section, with the mods being content with it getting low views, the blog section of this site dieded. If you're a regular and remember what was happening with this place in 2010, you probably know that I already revived it once. By writing thought-provoking, interesting and creative articles, I encouraged other writers to join me, and soon the blogs were getting hundreds of views due to their new exceptional quality standard.

Yesterday I decided to write a blog on an important and current topic, meaning Diablo 3. Instead of writing on a different website, for example one dedicated to blogging, I've decided to write the blog here and share it. As I predicted, the article was a success and got featured on the RPG subreddit. I received many comments complimenting my progressive approach, excellent vocabulary and master knowledge on the subject. This is an important lesson to the people who blog here. It doesn't matter that the trolls flood this website with their stupidity. Don't give up. If a lot of the viewers on this website are disgusted with people like Rin or GIJoe, reach farther. Don't give up on the section because of a few fail trolls 1 star you from 10 alts and flood your blogs with comments from their alts. Bring more people in. Passionate people. I have shown you it's possible.

I would like to thank Letemdangle for being very professional in his opinion about Diablo 3 and I applaud his mature comment. He's an example for great commentators - even though he disagreed with my review, his reply was extremely intelligent and reasonable; his argument valid and well formed. Please look up to his example when commenting on the blogs

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