im so pissed at starbucks!!


Over the past year ive seen a steady decline in Starbucks stores prices and service. I understand that times are rough right now and companies are downsizing and tightening up all they can, but sadly im seeing more and more stores around me seem to just not care about the customer. 

Im fine with paying 4 dollars for my coffee, if I wasnt why would i come back 4 to 7 times a week? Its never been an issue for me. There was even a point in my life where I loved this company so much I got a job with them and loved every second of it and dreaded having to leave for school. 

Now though I find myself delaying the trips to Starbucks and just settling for gas station coffee.  What happened? I go to stores now and am being told do you want sprinkles on your carmel macchiato or whip cream on it. At first I laughed it off and assumed they were training a new guy. Then as months passed and stores closed and prices dropped I kept seeing this happen. Still to this day im asked if i want whip cream on my drinks.. ALMOST EVERY DRINK!

Im continuously getting the wrong order, getting bitter drinks, stale coffee, or just poor service. When i worked for the company we had to repeat the order and price to the customer at the drive through. Now im simply getting a pull around or see you at the window. Sure it sounds friendly, but id like to hear back the order and know they got it right instead of arguing with them at the window and being looked at nastily cus I got the wrong drink.

Another issue ive been noticing is poor bar service. It seems that drinks arent repeated anymore at many locations and that customers are skipped to make easier drinks.  Well my drinks no harder than any other latte, so why is it im getting skipped for lattes or drinks with 3 shots and 2 pumps and a little mocha drizzle? I remember being told to never do that. Mainly cus its offending! I love this company and all the great times i had with them but its quickly loosing me as a customer and im settling for less or the little guy simply cus the little guy still remembers my name and drinks and since they connect with me (like Starbucks used to with customers) and because im getting the experience i want.

I never went to Starbucks to get coffee. My first memory of tasting coffee or even trying Starbucks for that matter was when I first landed in Seattle when i was 18. It was my first time away from home and in this city. So the first thing I did was go up to a Starbucks (which at this time my home town didnt have) and i kindly walked up to an employee and said "Ive never had coffee before. Whats a good drink?" he then proceeded to tell me his favorite drink. A triple grande carmel macchiato.  So i took a risk and a sip and ended up loving the drink. This experience was why i I kept going back to Starbucks. Every time I tasted a carmel macchiato I was taken back to when I was 18 and in Seattle i could remember everything around me and how awesome it was. Now im always thinking did they get it right this time? Whys that guy get his drink before me when I was ahead? Or why does it seem as if no one cares here?

Our lives are based around experiences. Good and bad. You dont go to concerts to listen to the music. If you did why wouldnt you just listen to the cd? You go to be captured and amazed, to be taken to new places and to forget about all the crap in our lives for just a moment. We give all our hope and faith in those artists to take us somewhere inside and create experiences worth living for and going after again. I remember a time when Starbucks did this for me at almost every visit. Now im simply buying overpriced coffee for a bad experience that makes me question even coming back. 

Please whatever happened change it back to how it used to be.  A lot more of this and your going to be loosing more loyal customers. Im simply saying all this not to hate or blame but to inform and hope something gets done so people continue to come and be amazed and have experiences worth coming back for. 

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