Image verification.

I hate this stupid fucking shit. Is the world so full of spammers that we've resorted to pissing off legitimate users, now? It doesn't help that the images are designed piss poorly, sometimes leaving me to question how I'm exactly supposed to discern a 7 out of something that looks like Picasso's vomit.

This image verification shit has gotten out of hand now. What's next, do I have to verify my penis in a public bathroom before I'm allowed to take a piss?

"Sorry, we are unable to match verification." Really? That's because Stevie Wonder would have a better time trying to decipher this shit. Maybe if you would've TOLD me that this shit needed to be case sensitive, we could've avoided this problem, and now on top of that, you generated a completely new indecipherable piece of shit that requires the input of Egyptologists well-trained in ancient hieroglyphics before I can even attempt to figure this out.

If you wanted to get rid of spammers, you've succeeded, though all you've really managed to succeed in is to piss off thousands of potential viewers.

Fuck this shit.

Uploaded 08/05/2008
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