Imperial America needs to rise

We all know that It is time for this to happen.

Our Republic is failing at a rapid pace, and we need to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, the romans. Rome's golden age was during its empire, and so shall ours. We need a emperor to take control of our situation, and although this will cause temporary havoc and chaos throughout the world, it is inevitable.

We can already see the civil unrest forming as we watch the news:
Occupy Wall Street
Financial Collapse
Distrust to the government
Civil rights being taken away as we speak
The starting of a WWIII

If we can unite under a single man or woman, with no political parties involved than and only than can we rebuild our country. With all of this "He said she said" going on between the parties, nothing gets done. (As illustrated by the ObamaCare bill.)

This will happen, for better or for worse. There is no avoiding it.

I speculate that the start of the American Empire will be in 2012. The OWS protests will spark martial law and from there.. well lets just say SHTF. I have also come up with a crude timeline of what will happen and when.

December of 2011: End of OWS protests, Ended by violence, maybe martial law. This causes outrage among the civilians. Camping out becomes a common form of protest. Protests across the US and strikes occur like nobody has ever seen. Riots ensue.

Early 2012: Martial law goes into full effect. People who are seen protesting are arrested, imprisoned, or killed on sight. The courts no longer have power over the law and Miranda Rights will be revoked and The Bills of Attainder will be unjustly enforced.

June-ish 2012: Embargos on weapons and ammo is put into effect, as the military can not lose control of power, all weapons become illegal. Starvation and poverty is now common. Maybe mass suicides due to the intolerable social enviroment. This timeline is now known as Timeline A


As peace has restored for the most part, Martial law is lifted. The economy is in shambles and the Election is jumpstarted, or maybe there ISN'T an election. A leader is elected/rises, and tries to fix the nation. Courts resume. This timeline is now known as Timeline B

November 2012: Timeline A
No election Is held, however an emepor/ess is now risen and taken control. Martial law is now loose, as many of the trouble makers are gone and the fact that at this time another country has most likely gotten into the fray, but Is still in effect. Court trials resume but military still reserves the right to kill/imprison for no reason.

November 2012: Timeline B
The empire is in full effect by now and trade emargos are lifted. Taxes skyrocket and government shuts down all corperations. The goverment also has a strict application and licensing system for new companies and stores. There are now 5 states. Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast, and The Imperial HQ or the area surrounding DC.

End of 2012: Timeline A1
Martial law is finaly lifted, although the government still has the right to imprison without reason. There are no state governments anymore. We are one solid country.
End of 2012: Timeline A2
The other countries have now taken over the USA and are setting up fractured colonies throughout the area. Total destruction of the USA.

2020 Timeline A: Mexico, Canada, and most of Central America is/has USA territory/ies, and standard citizens are made to serve in the imperial troops for at least 3 years between the ages of 18 and 30. Nuclear stockpile is bigger than ever and we are one of the richest countries in the world. Citizens are provided with relief services that are unmatched to any we have seen. (Food and shelter services)

2020 Timeline B: The world is now one government and has become a NWO. Civil liberties and free market are widespread and free religon is also global.

So, In other words, This could go REALLY good, or pretty bad, but any way it is, it is unavoidable.

It is destined to happen.
Uploaded 10/11/2011
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