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Welcome to America. In this great nation we can do whatever our great nation lets us do. We can sit and complain about gas prices and we can agrue amongst ourselves over who the most beautiful women is. We, however, are losing control over the biggest corporation in the known world, the United States governmnet. We sit back with our signs and protest uncontistutional wars and still it falls on deaf ears. We complain when gasoline prices are skyhigh and do almost nothing as a society to help find a solution. We see are children raped and murdered. The guilty walk on a techinicality or because they are "emotional handicapped" or went "temporaily insane." Jobs are leaving the country at an astounding rate because it's cheaper to let minors in a foreign country do it and the taxes levied by our nation are ridiculous. We are powerless to stop the tide of illegal immigrants because these criminals are given the same rights as us without any contribution to our society as a whole.

What is needed is a new government based on logic, science, and the constitution. We have remove the archaic figures from their thrones of corruption and take back our nation.

First, we need to remove the federal reserve and make our dollar based on a global standard of gold. This means that each dollar is worth something other than an assumed value. This would save us millions in payroll and waste every year. Then we dismember the I.R.S. and go to a sales tax system. The people would pay a straightforward and equal amount for everything. The savings for the lower and middle class are very high while the upper echelon pays for whatever they feel. If the taxes on their ten million dollar home are to high, they may resort to a five or six million dollar house instead. It is a burden I believe they can bear though. Just imagine not ever having to file taxes again. We may lose some jobs and I sympathize with that. But they can easily find something new to do other than prey on your knowledge, or in this case a lack of, an extremely tricky tax code and the money lost to tax write-offs for the wealthiest of us.

The monentary saving for us can then be furthered by legalizing a number of drugs. I do not advocate their use but I do not agree with spending thousands of taxpayers dollars on drug use. We as a society can shun their usage but enough if enough. People like to escape this horrid reality and drugs allow them to. Logic says cigarettes cause cancer and alcohol impairs driving but apparently you cant do that in the form a joint. Not to mention the murders created in the underground culture that is formed by warring drug lords and their lackeys. Allow their importation and cultivation and just tax it. Sell a grow stamp and an importation license and thousands of people who were previously criminals are now legitimate entrepeneurs and taxpaying citizens in our soceity. Hurrah.

Since I am disassembling the government next come Social Security, medicaid, medicare, and welfare programs. If you are not smart enough to plan for your future, you don't really need one. It is not the governments job to take care of people who can't take care of themselves. I have heard from relaible sources that sixty percent of our governmental money is spent on these programs. Now if you took the money that you socked away in savings, money markets, and I.R.A.s, it is yours and you control it. The stock market would increase from money being invested into a free market rather than stolen by a bloated farce. People who do not work should not get stolen money given to them. If charity is to be given it has to be an option. To say otherwise is a purely facist thought and this is supposed to be a capitalist nation.

Medicaid and medicare need to go. They are the reason that everything costs so much as they are consistentaly being frauded for thousands of dollars and are too big to be watched with the intesity needed. If we go to a socailized medicine, we may lose many of the new medicines being developed as they may not generate enough profit. In the free market prices will have to stay affordable or people simply not go, thus hurting profits. They will self regulate.

Next we need to stop all this foolish lawsuits immediately. If I spill my coffee and get burned I will learn not to spill my coffee and be more careful. If a thief breaks into my home and threatens my life, I should be able to shoot him without any reprocussion at all, ever. They are extremely costly to everyone and are based on laziness and sloth more often than not. I am not saying no lawsuits ever and do not want it misinterpreted as that. Sometime you are legitamately unable to function and should be taken care of as best as possible. But there needs to be line in the sand that stupidity is not rewarded with money.

Here is where the majority of arguments will come from. Capital punishment needs to be a reality and it needs to not take twenty years to execute someone. We now have the technology to be absolutly certain of guilt. Why they wait to kill a "dead man walking" is mindboggling. They should be shunned by their kin and as soon as the verdict is read, take them out into a public square and execute them with a gullotine. It is fast, cheap, and very effective. They feel no pain and with the proper setup cleanup could be relativly easy. As for the other criminals, which should theoritically decrease, hard labor doing infrastucture work like building roads would discourage repeat offense dramatically. Have them build the interstate at a minimal labor rate of free and the work supervised by contractors and prison guards. Do the work at night and make them wear glow in the dark or highly reflective uniforms.

War is an inevitability. It is not an excuse to commit genocide and it is not an excuse to invade weaker nations. I believe we need to remove all of out foreign bases and bring our troops back to this nation. They can help us by watching our borders and assisting police whenever nessecary. They are the defenders of freedom, but it should be our freedom they defend. Benjamin Franklin said those who are not willing to fight for their freedom do not deserve it. Then we decrease their ranks or find useful things for them to do. They should be our greatest asset but not an overwhelming burden.

Of course all this talk has to come to farm subsidies. The fact remains that in a free market prices will regulate themselves. In the present system land land is left unplanted because of government checks to not grow a crop. However, this same farmer could utilize this to produce something else and should have to to survive. In this system prices are governed, therefore regulating profit margins. This simply states the government thinks that farmers aren't smart enough to make enough to decisions on there own.Laisse faire needs to be applied here in particular.

Now we need to protect the earth and everyone thinks that they know best. We can start by saving as much of the natural world as possible as soon as possible. We need sustainable logging pratices and we have to stop tearing down mangroves. We must stop polluting ever square inch of our planet with all these deadly toxins. We need to reduce our consumption and increase our recycling efforts. I don't know it all but we as a society need to learn everything that we can about trying to insure future generations habitable home. We don't need another conglomeration poisoning our only drinking water with its byproducts. We need people who care about the planet and the earths future.

I am sure I missed some things but I am sure you get the picture. We need our country back and we need it now. I am sorry about the grammar and spelling errors. Thank you for your time.

Uploaded 12/28/2008
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