In Chang we Trust?

I was very curious about this member El Tigre Chino. So I Had to do some research and go on a journey to see what he is all about. I found out that El Tigre Chino loosely translates into " The tigers rectum". Which explains very little but at the same time is very intriguing.

Unfortunately, I could not find any pictures of a Tigers rectum. It is elusive and almost impossible to capture on film. This is the closest I could come up with.
This member, El Tigre Chino,somehow brainwashed us all into "Trusting Chang". Also, he insults us into liking him. I do believe he practicing witchcraft and/or drugging us through the internet.

I started my journey at the most obvious place.
After admiring the stallions, carved from what I think was Ivory, I entered upon this enchanted establishment and asked to speak directly to Chang. Although there was no language barrier I was suprised when the young latin lady said there are no Changs that work here. In fact, she said no chinese people work here at all. I felt chills run down my spine as I figured this guy Chang must own all the latinos in the world. Just then the latin hostess handed me a phonebook and told me I could possibly find him in there.

I don't know if you know this but there are more Changs than smiths in the United States. IT was becoming obvious to me this guy had deep family roots and possibly may be God himself. I  then search Chang on the internet to see how many people were actually named Chang. Then my power went out.
So I decided I was going to go door to door and visit every Chang in the world.
I found many Changs. I ate much Lo Mein on the floor with sticks. I dodged throwing stars and rode in tiny cars. None of the Changs I spent time knew this man Chang nor did they put must trust in him. Which got me thinking, what if Chang is a lady? So a nice Chang family told me a place to look for a lady Chang.

What a nice lady this Chang was. I was treated like royalty and even got to wear a robe. Did you know that feet aren't the only thing they massage there? It really turned out to be a happy ending for me. Thanks El tigre Chino. I do trust Chang now.
Uploaded 01/31/2013
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