In My Opinion Week 3 "Racism"

I'm the most racist person you'll ever encounter in the world. I hate every race the world has to offer.


Let's talk about whites - Pedophiles, internet hackers, inbreeding is common, ignorance is common, idenity theifs, drunks, cocaine heads, masters of genocide, and cause wars for stupid over dumb ass shit.


Let's talk about blacks -  Gang bangers, theifs, liars, suspects, welfare scabs, crack heads, and murderers.


Let's talk about hispanics - Gang bangers, heavy breeders, lack educational skills, welfare scabs, can't speak anything other than Spanish, and dirty.


Let's talk about Asians (Orientals, and Arabs yes Arabia is in Asia) - Ugly as fuck, yellow, cry babies, masters of genocide, suicide bombers, goat fuckers, and, they're slave owners (they own white people, because they own their debt).


Let's talk about Jews - Murderers, they change history to always show they're victimized. Greedy, violent, selfish, and brainwashers.


Let's talk about Native Americans - Not to many left to really speculate on since they were worlds first genocide victims. But we do know they're drunk, and hot tempered people.


Let's talk about Aborigines - They're violent, uneducated, slaves of Austrailians.


See what I mean? I can't stand any race. They're all stupid, don't bring your children around white men, don't bring your money to a black man, pay your taxes to take care of the Hispanic population since they breed like rats, just give your money to the Jews, Don't fuck with an Asian, they'll kill you and then charge you a fee for it, don't give beer to a Native American unless you want a tomahawk in your ass, and don't be white around an Aborigines or your ass is grass.


I don't like any race. All are dumb and full of idiots.

If you're offended, too fucking bad fuck you and your race. Every race is equally worthless.


- FuckyouIran

Uploaded 04/23/2011
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