In My Opinion Week 7

      Baseball can be called Americas sport. Ripe in American culture, enjoyed since the 1860's, with not so friendly rivalries. It has born many icons, naming a fraction of them would take forever. It has been enjoyed in neigborhoods around the nation, bringing people from all backgrounds together to enjoy a friendly pick up game.


     Sorry, but above was baseball before the mid 1980's. I know this can be a touchy subject for some folks, but it has to be said. My opinion on why baseball isn't Americas sport isn't because the latest ESPN poll says football is now Americas most liked sporting event. It is because of the frequent scouting of foreign players from Asian and Hispanic countries, increased use of performance enhancers, and wild violence both on and off the field. I don't want to watch a bunch of men, taking steroids, unable to speak English, and risk being beaten to death by an upset fan.


     I can't see baseball as the sport that represents Americas people. I might see the government as lying, blood thirsty hounds, but not the people.


This is just my opinion on the ever changing ways of baseball.


- FuckyouIran,

Uploaded 05/23/2011
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