In My Opinion. Week One "Day Crew N America"


I'm going to utter off my stupid opinion. Why? Because I like talking shit. This weeks topic is on Day crew and N America.


Now let's get started on my first topic.


Day Crew : Day crew is hands down the dumbest shift to be on Ebaum's trolling. Why? There are 3 three things they talk about :


1: Bdoubled

2: Drinking beer

3: About having sex with women they'll never meet.


I'm not saying I don't like day crew, what I'm saying is, It gets a little boring. Now, if you're on day crew reading this, fuck you. Yes, that's right, fuck you in the ass. The only thing that makes it atleast some-what intresting is the lunch shift. Now since they have jobs and are at work, they can come up with some funny material, while you guys sit at home eating ceral listeing to Rebecca Black, wishing for Friday.


On to my next topic :


We have a 2 serious problem in North America. Those 2 problems are Mexico and Canada. Now if you're a Mexican or a Canadian. Hear me out. My tax dollars have to go into protecting your 2 worthless countries since they're a point of interest and require military presence. Now me personally, I could care less what happens to Canada or Mexico. In fact, we should invade and conquer, then change Canada's name (Mexico's name is fine). I don't know about you, but that name is just annoying. I don't even know that the fuck it even means.


I know I'm going to get alot of hate for this. But, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. It's my damn opinion. Come back next week and read my next blog.



- FuckyouIran

Uploaded 04/10/2011
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