In response to nut kicking

Apparently there are some girls that pride themselves in knowing that the weak spot on a man would be the family jewels, mommy daddy buttons, coin purse...testicals...anyway, I have come here today to reveal the secret of the womans sensitive spot.

the's that simple.  There have been numerous times when a girl has totally givin up in kicking any man in the crotchal region from just getting hit in one of those ginormoungous milkjugs.

Now I may get some hate for this blog.  Partly from the women claiming "H0W C0ULD Y0U D0 S0M3TH1NG L1K3 TH4T TO 4 G1RL??!?!??!!"...paybacks a bitch huh?  and party from guys who claim to have known it already. 

For these I have 2 rebutles...rebutels?...whatever:

Women:  Why is it ok for you to jeperdadize our future born children while we have to respect the fact that you might be a total bitch every now and then (i'm including the once a month happy fun time in there too, quit using it as an excuse).  Personally, I don;t follow that "you can;t hit girls" rule, and my friends know it.  It scares the crap out of them.

Men:  This obviously does not pertain to you so you can gladly fuck off, or stay and watch the inevitable catfight this will bring.

Uploaded 09/20/2008
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