In Response To "White People Are Being Fucked Out Of Existance"

DISCLAIMER:  I realize he's probably a white guy starting shit but I am responding anyway.

I have nothing against black people...but here are my issues with your blog.  For the love of christ learn the difference between there, their, and they're!!!!!  Stop being a retard and learn that shit!!!

Also, I have sexed a hispanic girl, white, asian, and it works both ways.  Now I didn't get these girls pregnant because I have sperm control.  My boys listen to me and when I tell them to leave that shit alone... they do it.  But if the human race were to survive long enough, we would all eventually look the same.  There would be no more race, just the human race.

Now about all of these black men you say are running the country and hip hop artists/athletes etc.... Well, behind 99% of them is a white dude telling him what to do and signing his checks.  There are some exceptions, but not many.  The most powerful and influential families in the world are pretty much white.  Even the president is being told what to do by majority of white people. 

As far as mexicans taking jobs... this is true.  But they aren't taking white people jobs, they are taking Americans jobs.  Do you not consider black people to be American??  Their (notice the correct use) jobs are being taken as well.  The fact that you say that shows the reason there will always be divide in this country. 

Plus, I'm Native... so fuck you.  My ancestors were almost wiped off the face of the earth.  I'm not sitting here bitching about it.  No sense in dwelling, now you just gotta do what you can to remedy the situation.  And complaining about it isn't helping.  So again...and I can't stress this enough....Fuck you. 

As far as the bigger dong situation.... well, you got me there.  (correct use) But I am doing alright with what I've got.  Now if you'll excuse me... I just read that woman's orgasm blog a few minutes ago and I have to call a white chick to come and practice on.  Good day.
Uploaded 09/21/2011
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