Indestructable by disturbed

i now officially hate this album..... they severally over used whatsisfaces ability to do that sweetass bark/shout that most(or at least me) were introduced to in the song down with the sickness(awesome song) and after listening to the indestructable album for the second time today i have decided i utterly despise it.... some good songs but mostly it just pissed me off......

on another note..... the sickness wasnt very good either but at least it has shout and down with the sickness on it which almost makes the whole album worth downloading :D yes im a cheapass and i download my albums instead of buying them + i already bought beleive and 10,000 fists but some dickweed stole 10,000 fists from me.... whatever..... at least i have all 4 cds on my comp now.... oh wait... 5? gimme a second im havin a bad day...4 :D but for some reason i get the feeling that im missing one that i have no clue about and im missing out on something.... if the(yay down with the sickness!)re are any disturbed cd's by disturbed that i didnt menchon(which i am 100% sure i spellt wrong because i have absolutely n clue how to spell that word pronouned men-chun)please tell me because i have this awful feeling in my gut....

i also have antichrist superstar, holywood, smells like children, golden age of grotesque,lest we forget and portrait of an american family by marilyn manson(took me three tries to get manson right god damn i am having a bad day...) and im missing mechanical animals, eat me drink me(which i dont even what to attempt to listen to because of the awful things ive heard) and one or two more that i cant remember...... please feel free to fill in my blanks and answer my questions....

yours truly(and with lots of spite)


p.s. i went ahead and started downloading mechanical animals and eat me, drink me.... feedback on the albums l8er....

Uploaded 10/17/2008
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