Inspired by Cutedude

   One time I bought a pair of levys 50one jeans and they fit rul good, but when I get homed, the zipper didn't werk good so i asked my gurlfiend to help and she said their button fly stupid whats wrong wit you end quotes.
   than i calld my fremd themekanik and told him to come over he di so we started talking about stuff like and we decide to do it. then we did it i mean we went and saw that movy about that guy with the thing so it was good and i didnt have much questions i pretty much understud most of it at least the splosions and shit
   my dog one time my doggy bought home a dead squirl and we ended up eating it cuz why the heck not!
   Tell rednote you all want 2 here the storyu bout the black dude hoo wanted the helmet he tole it to me and it was relly funny an shit yeah so i guess thats it i gonna go to bed but dont ferget to ask rednote bout that story hes a dick but thats a gud one goodnite?
Uploaded 08/29/2011
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