Instant replay?????????

I may have told this story before but after reading jackass it got into my head so if you have heard this story, then sorry and just consider the source and his memory. I worked in the wire rope industry 20 years ago and I had this boss who would get a little drunk and tell stories of his childhood. Now this is one of those guys you know just tells the truth and I wish he had kept this one to himself but.......when he was a teenager he and his cousin were screwing a cow and yes, a cow not a girl who looked like a cow but a DAMN COW!!! He proceeds to tell all of us guys all sitting around drinking that when his turn came he pulled his pants down to his ankles and was in his words "really laying it to that big bitch" and the cow shit and it went into his pants and he had to wobble/run down to the creek and clean himself all the while his uncle was watching him. I believe this story because the next day he couldn't look at anybody in the eye, I told him that was one story he should have taken to his grave. Hope you laughed .......


Thanks for reading Bohank

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