Interesting People Randomly Met

I work a job where I get to speak with some of the most random people. I work with Medicare patients. This is not the job I thought I would have when I was younger. But, I do enjoy it most days. I get to speak to some of the most interesting people that exist. I get to talk to World War II vets, people that have been all around the world, people that have led amazing lives, and in my opinion, some of the most amazing people that exist, the ones that have beaten incredible odds and still live to tell the tale. I am no one special, just your normal average joe. But its the people I meet on a daily basis that make me feel special. I get to help people. And I know I am not a special guy, but, I am special to the ones I get to help. I hear stories on a daily basis of strength unimaginable, of perseverance, of the good guys actually winning. I hear horror stories also, but they are much fewer and further between. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated, with respect, honor, and compassion. Some of them DONT deserve it, just want to be an asshole just to be an asshole. But, the ones that can make you laugh, the ones that can brighten a dark day, those are the ones that make it easier to get out of bed. I am new at this blogging thing. And I know I probably suck at it. But I figured I had something to say, and I figured this is a good a place as any to do it. So web, here I go.
Uploaded 09/28/2013
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