Internet Hazing Videos Platinum Collection

Hazing is dangerous, illegal and all over the internet. Hunker down in your filthy, cat-infested, apartment and check out this impressive collection of clips, which document the seedy underbelly of exclusive clubs and teams. It will make you appreciate the cat fraternity you created as a replacement for a normal social life. And you will feel better about putting down Mr. Wiskers for making you chug that bottle of Bourbon during Hell Week.

Brunch Hazing
"Are you going to finish that egg? Thanks!" "Are you going to finish that egg? Thanks!" "Are you going to finish that egg? Thanks!"

 Hitting soldiers with a mallet is a good way to weed out the epileptics.

 Iron Worker Hazing
This is why Americas Infrastructure is crumbling.

NFL Hazing
Luckily I drafted all of these guys in my fantasy hazing league. Incidentally, all of these guys now teach PE in various Midwestern states. 

Band Camp Hazing

Tyler Perry recovered from this incident quite well.

Russian Hazing AKA The Worst Type of Hazing
A bunch of Russians haze a guy by making him punch them until his knuckles are sore.

Family Hazing for Prizes

Marc Summers is the king of hazing.

Mayan Hazing

"Thank you Señor, may I have another!"

Victorias Hazing

One mans brutal hazing is another mans boner development.

Lady Freaks Out at Public Hazing
This old bat doesnt like hazing, but her face looks like its been paddled for years.

Jenna Haze - Hazed by Youtube Commenters

Savage hazing brought to you by lonely weirdos who dissect porn clips on youtube.

Condiment Boarding

Kraft Bukkake

Crazy Hazing With No Purpose

Some poor guy had to sleep on a bed covered in plastic pellets.
Uploaded 09/14/2012
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