Intersting Day

Let me first start by saying, my in-laws, my husband, and I all live together in one nice large family home. That is eight people, five adults and three children (which are all my nieces and nephew). Since we all live together you can only imagine the hard times that we face as well as all of the fun times. Well, we joke with each other more than anything. The other day my husband and I were joking with one another and he told me to shut up. So... I did, for four hours. Within those four hours my husband and brother-in-law went insane. It drove them nuts that no matter what they did to me I would not make a sound. The first thing they tried was squirting almost a whole bottle of ketchup all over me. Well, that didn't work. I was determined to make them suffer as long as possible. After this there was much torturing, tickling, hitting, threats, etc. Well, after some time they told me that if I didn't talk by a certain time they were going to do something to me. I, being as stubborn as I am, refused to talk until after the time limit. I figured that they had forgot about what they were going to do to me or decided that they would get revenge another time. So, I went to get a bath. After I got into the shower, was butt naked, and lathered up in soap...that's when it happened. They decided to NAIL the bathroom door shut, turn the water off, and cut the lights off on me for about 15 minutes. Who would do something like this? Can you believe I had to bust through the bathroom door butt naked and lathered up in soap?
Uploaded 03/28/2011
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