Is it right for women to use men's bathrooms?

This webpage tells of a contoversial topic of women using the men's bathrooms.  It was like during the 1990s and a man went to an Elton John concert and he went to the men's bathroom and saw women using ALL the bathroom even the urinals. He said that he went to all the men's bathrooms and they were full of women. He tried to sue the stadium of which the concert was held and he tried to sue the vendors for letting him buy the beer that made him go to the bathroom. He said he waited to go for like 4 hours and that he suffered distress and other sicological problems because he didn't feel like going to the bathroom around all those women. The city court ruled that he pay like $2,000 and his lawyer was required to pay like $2,000. Because he blamed the beer company for selling him the beer. He went to california supreme court and they denied his appeal.


Please comment so that I can know what YOU ALL think about this topic!

Uploaded 04/28/2011
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