Is Musichopper Really Babycakes?

Here's my take on the topic du jour... First, you must watch this video:

Just watch it, it's only like 3:30 long and is funny as hell. If you require a more in-depth study, just watch all five of Babycakes' Diaries. Continuing...

If you did watch the video, then you most probably see that Musichopper is startlingly similar to Babycakes. My theory: Musichopper was the inspiration for Babycakes. I shall now illustrate the most damning arguments:

1) Babycakes is large, fat, and bald-headed... Sound familiar? That's right: Musichopper.

2) Both Musichopper and Babycakes reference drinking beer and eating shitty food all the time.

3) Both seem to have a weird, misguided understanding of sex.

4) Babycakes plays D&D; Musichopper plays Guildwars. Interesting...

5) Both are musicians (in their own minds at the very least).

I will add more should they present themselves.

So I pose to you: what are your speculations regarding Babycakes and Musichopper? Are they the same people (they have never been seen in one place at the same time). Are their similarities coincidence? Is he the related to Babycakes? While we may never know, your speculations are definitely of interest to us, here, at the institute.

P.S.:You didn't watch the video, did you?

Uploaded 01/13/2009
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