Is Ron Paul the Trigger Man?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. No greater proof of this existed when Christian missionaries entered the jungles of South America. It was there a great social experiment was carried out. For the missionaries, they were carrying out God's work by educating tribal peoples on the word of God. For the governments that supported their work a much more sinister agenda was behind what was supposed to be an altruistic act.

Missionaries would enter small tribal nations to teach the word of God, but to do this they needed the attention of the members of the tribes. These  tribes were hunter gatherer peoples as a result most of their days were spent gathering and hunting for food. Governments like the Spanish, English and French  sent provisions to these outposts for many years allowing the missionaries the time to teach their languages and religion to the tribes people. As the older generation slowly died off, there were few people who were knowledgeable about the old ways of  survival.

When the tribes were educated about  European cultures and beliefs the coffers from governments seemingly dried up. Many missionaries were called back, some stayed  to help out and to slowly starve to death with the now helpless people. Without the provisions of European governments and now without knowledge of basic survival skills many tribes simply died off. 

This of course made it easier for armies to come in and take control of the lands and resources.In many ways the social and economic fabric of America is weaved this way.  It's citizens lives have become more and more reliant on it's government  providing the structure for food, medicine, security, education, social norms and programs. At the same time as this phenomenon completely ingrains itself, we are well aware that the financial system is at least vulnerable to complete failure. In the end the people will have mandates to get all they need, but no means by which to get it.

There are not many people in North America who have the skills to be self reliant it what could quickly become a semi-agrarian society. With the ageing populations, agricultural products, arable lands, seeds, systems and knowledge being copywrited, trademarked and owned by large corporations, even a semi-agrarian society may prove impossible to attain until our populations have dwindled away.

This is why I ask if Ron Paul is the trigger man. If he became President, dismantled much of government, stopped the redistribution of wealth, social programs,  government interference in markets, and cutting off the money supply, would not millions of Americans go hungry, become uneducated, further than they already are, become more sickly due  to a lack of socialized medicine, unable to find suitable employment, loose their savings, homes and business's, loose faith in government and hope for a bright future?  

Oh wait! That is already happening. 


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