Is this guy a douchebag

okay so I have this friend who I have known my entire life, like she went to the hospital with my dad while i was being born ( im 165 now btw and female) anyways and she is 28 and has been married twice the first time the guy went over to war ( they both are in te military) and cme back all fucked up and told her he didnt love her, the second guy was abusive and had tiny man syndrome so she is divorcing him, in her entire life she has only slept with 4 people, her first husband Jame's second Anthony and a married guy she was dating who she loved alot Andre and then the douchebag...Shane.. she met him on plenty of fish ( shes smoking hot btw) and  she fell in love with him so they did the nasty...and then like 2 dqays after he told her that his crazy mean and bitchy ex girlfriend said sorry..ONCE and that he wanted to give her another chance because he felt that he owed it to her

Uploaded 08/22/2008
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