is this guy medicated?

life has been kinda boring for me lately. i havent posted a blog in a while mainly because i havent had anything remotly interesting happen in my life, so i decided that the most humanitarian way to deal with it was to not bore other people with my non-interesting shit (some of you assholes should take note....i'm looking at you, wallboy).




i'll be 30 on the 17th. when i was 23 i had the most certain feeling that i was going to be dead by my 25th birthday. dont know why, dont know how, but i just knew so to me everyday past my 25th b-day has tere an extra day. just one more day i shouldnt have had.

rumor is my unit will  be deploying to Afghanistan sometime in the next year. thats really gonna fuck up my college education.especially if i get killed.




why does this sound like a suicide note?


ever want  to shoot someone  just to do it? i want to, but i dont think i would react in an appropreat i might yell "the price is riiiight!" after i  blew some random dudes brains out of his skull.


you know what this country is running low on? rational thinking. we cant buy that from the chinese, we gotta grow that right here. is it gonna happen? fuck no it wont. i'm tellin ya, ladies and gents, we are watching the country crumble and fall down around our ears. this place has turned into some Salvidor Dahli mutated version of itself.

i would run for office in my state, but you have to be rich just to run for local positions. or know people. or have some rich person back you, and then what? then you owe that motherfucker because "he got you where you are today". we are dysfucnctional as a country.

gaddamnit. politics. i dont wear underwear, i love not wearing em too. i mean, my dick just swings and it feels liberating!

sorry for ramblin, i told you mouth breathers i had nothing to say.

go fuck yourselves. i love y'all. now suck my cock.

Uploaded 12/05/2009
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