It chilled me to the bone............

I have written blogs about the group I go out with to study Satanic rituals and stuff and whether you believe or not when you are out late at night in abandoned areas it gets freaky. People often use the word "Evil" and until today I thought the only evil I had seen was my two ex-wives. I have worked around homeless people and have looked into their eyes and more than once I saw people without hope. I have looked at the face of parents while they struggled to find answers to the loss of a child and I have seen fear from more that one person. Have you ever looked into eyes of a child when they have witnessed some kind of violent act? It is the look of confusion and unbelievable fear, or how about looking into the eyes of someone who has done things they are ashamed, all these things are noticeable if you take the time to look. Now what all these things have in common is that no matter what was done or witnessed there was still emotion and feeling but what I saw today chilled me to the bone and for the first time in 30 years or more I was frightened because when I looked into this guys eyes I saw nothing!!! I mean nothing, period just an empty soul. I was sitting in the emergency room where I have to wait for my appointments and this sheriff brought this guy into the waiting room and handcuffed him to a chair and went to the front desk while his partner sat across from this guy. He smelled of shit and looked as if he bathed in it and he leaned over to me and started to say some things but when I looked into his eyes it literally took my breath away and I missed what he said. The sheriff grabbed him and jerked him around and he just laughed this laugh that was so out of place as if it was contrived and never used before. I KNOW if you ever look into eyes so dark and empty that you will understand what evil really is and as for myself I am glad I believe in God because I know what Satan looks like.


The sheriff deputy told me that this guy was under suspicion of raping and killing a three year old little girl. I bet it didn't even phase him. I want to pull the lever myself but would probably take away what is owed to the girls parents.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 05/21/2009
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