It is Finished

And now begins the next chapter in my life.  After over 20 years in the Army, I am done.  I have retired and am now looking for another job.  Not sure what I want to do at this point.  For now I'm just relaxing and enjoying some down time.

Technically I'm still on active duty while I burn up the last of my leave.  I have over 90 days saved up, and will continue to earn a paycheck for the duration.  My retirement check will not be as big as I would like, but I will be getting an additional check from the VA for a service connected disability, so whatever job I get will not have to be high paying.  It's nice to have a little freedom.

Right now I am on day six without shaving.  I wonder what I will look like in another month.  Two weeks is the longest I have ever gone without a haircut, so I'm wondering how that will look too.  Time will tell.  My wife is being surprisingly patient with my current lack of grooming.  She actually wants to see me with a full beard and says she might like it.  The kids are amazed at the thought of me having a beard.  The only 'me' they know is the clean cut me.

Give me some job suggestions.  I was thinking I might make a good Walmart greeter, but those guys have to be in a good mood constantly.  Not for me.  Maybe I'll be a school crossing guard.  Couple hours in the morning, couple hours in the afternoon, all weekends and holidays off..... not a bad gig.  Maybe I'll be an exotic dancer and work at bachelorette parties.  Might make good tips.  Can anyone think of anything else?

I've already gained a couple of pounds.  I better be careful with that.

Have a great evening, fellow bloggers.
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