It was a great find.....................

It started in 1950 with "Pictures from Life's other side" and ended with "Be careful of the stones that you throw" in his next to last session in 1952. My favorite is "Men with broken Hearts".


When Hank Williams was in his prime he wanted to release some off center recordings that were his gift to God and the religious people of his time. There was one problem there was very limited space on the jukeboxes of his time. This is where the top 20 and then top 40 comes from. Hanks record company Acuff/Rose did not want to invest or alienate people from his "type of music". So over the years Hank released these recordings under the name of Luke the Drifter. I collect vinyl and today I found the 12Th recording and paid the fair price of 60.00. I came home and played this on my very old Denon turntable and then put it with the other 11 singles. I have been collecting these for years and now what to do? I also own a CD of Luke the drifter and it has two bonus cuts that I will not collect but do enjoy.


Now I may have some of the facts off just a little but when you collect it feels so good to complete. I recommend Hank with A 24 pack of your favorite beverage and when you listen to him see if you dont hear some of your favorite groups hidden in the middle of one of his songs.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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