It Was a Trap!

We all know that school is out for the summer, and neko is back.  As with before, he is running amok in the blogs.  And as before, he is spending his time writing fucked up blogs and comments.  One of the blogs he wrote was about reddit blacklisting ebaumsworld.  We all know that to be untrue now.  When he wrote that blog, I couldn't help but point out the obvious: if reddit did indeed blacklist ebaumsworld, the the reason must be because of the blogs that he himself posted and linked to reddit.  Once again, neko fell into my trap when I baited him into logging on to all of his alts to thumb my comments down, and his own comments up.
The comments themselves are not that great a read, but I submit for your viewing pleasure the following screen captures.
Here's the first capture of the first thread I started with him:

See how he got frustrated with me calling him out?  One of his alts even made a cameo appearance!
In the next shot, you will see how he continues with logging on to all his alts to create the impression that his "fans" (as he calls them) follow him around immediately thumbing him up and everyone else down:

In the next shot you will see that the thumbing significantly decreased.  This is probably because he remembered the last time I did this to him:

In the next shot you will see that I told him I was going to delete the entire thread and start all over, as I have done in the past:

In the last shot of this thread, you can see that he has realized he has fallen into my trap once again, and is no longer jumping from one alt to the next in an effort to play the thumbs game:

Yep, looks like I win.  But there is more... I did as I promised and deleted this entire thread.  Then I started it all over again to see if he would take the bait a second time.  Looks like young Mr. Neko has learned something when dealing with me.  No more thumb wars:

In the next shot, you will see neko's stunning loss in the thumb war, as he realizes I have tricked him for the second time:

This was a great deal of fun, and anyone can do it.  He will fall for it every time.  All you have to do is  make a comment that is sure to upset him, then engage him in a comment war.  He will waste all his time jumping from one alt to the next in an effort to create the illusion that he has friends who support him.  Make screen shots and save them, then delete the first comment you made and start all over again.
By the way, if anyone wants to see the submission, rate it and comment on it, here's the link:

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