It's Been A Busy Couple Of Days

Where the time goes, huh?


It's been a pretty interesting weekend here in the world of The Big Bad. I got to meet Elmo, I got a hate blog directed at me (which was awesome!!) and tonight we threw caution to the wind and had waffles for supper! (That's how we do it here in the Canada, bitches!) And, to add fantastic to an already over-flowing pile of awesomeness, I have the next four days off work to prattle around the house and do random shit. Hooray for me!


Seeing as I've set the bar pretty high with the muppet meet-and-greet on Saturday, I'm thinking I need to do something extra memorable with the kid on my off days. I was thinking of hitting up the ol' African Lion Safari, but maybe the huge elephants and monkey feces being thrown at the windscreen might spook the poor lass. I'm not sure if Wonderland has anything interesting for a toddler (Starkweather...any insight there??) or if they're even open this early into the year on a weekday, so that might not pan out either. Decisions decisions....


(NOTE TO AMERICAN READERS: "Wonderland" is the greatest amusement park in Canada---not really a hard accomplishment to obtain, I know---full of rollercoasters, rides and all the overpriced crap merchandice and consession you can jam into there. Think of it like Six Flags, only cleaner and less reputable.)


Whatever the main event of the four days is, I'm sure it'll be filled with countless episodes of The Wiggles and Dora The Explorer. Seeing as another hour of being exposed to that crap might cause me to poke out my eyeballs with a Barbie shoe, I need some advice from the bloggy masses. What's a good show or movie, suitable for both kids and adults, that we can watch and both enjoy?


My judgement on this has been spotty at best. I thought she'd dig on Monster Squad (remember that flick?!!? "Wolfman's got nards!"---classic) but it kinda scared the poop out of her. Literally. We also tried our hand at Watership Down (bad idea on my part), Little Monsters (Fred-Fuckin'-Savage, y'all!) and the classic show of awesomeness, My Pet Monster. She kind of enjoyed that one, but it got old fast. We've tried to sit through films such as Drop Dead Fred, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (which she kinda enjoyed) and some newer fare like Bedtime Stories, Enchanted and Madagascar. None really held her attention long enough to be enjoyed. What kind of kid doesn't enjoy Alex Winter in a belly shirt?? Times are a-changin'....


I'd like to avoid four days of Dora if I could. Suggestions?? I'm willing to hear you people out on what you think. Remember though: this is to be viewed by a toddler, so absolutely no shit suggestions on shows that will warp her or scare the living shit out of her. (No Sindicate: "The Crying Game" isn't for kids. That chick was pretty hot, though. Wonder how that movie ended....?)


Anyone have kids who might have suggestions? Anyone have little sisters or brothers who might have an idea? Anyone? Anyone at all?? I'll be quite happy to hear some feedback on this one.


"San Dimas High School Football Rules!!"

-The Big Bad

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