It's been a while since i've been on here

But, i come to you all today, wanting to rant. Today my good ebaumians, i have found out that my parents are divorcing. They seperatedfor 9 months two years ago, and got back together, but this time, they are calling it quits. That is shit. I understand it'll make them happier, and perhaps i shouldn't be a selfish prick and only worry about my happiness, but honestly, this shit is bunk. I can't fathom the thought of having a step father or step mother, i swear, i'd choke the shit out of one. The mere mention of the word "step" makes me want to do terrible terrible things to a random somebody. Now, i understand i could be coming off as an over-emotional teenager, and that this divorce shit happens to almost everyone now-a-days, but still. Shit hurts none the less.  

On the plus, my mother will be in walking distance of my dad's house. It's a mutual divorce, so they aren't like hateful to eachother, so i suppose that's nice, but it's still a divorce. Which i guess is just a word, like marriage, marriage is justa word, wife is justa word, husband is justa word, so i guess the "sanctity of marriage" is just a phrase. I've passed the phase of sadness, finished being sad about two or three hours ago, now... now i'm just filled with an intense rage, and i guess i'm trying to leak it out through words in a blog, but i think i'm just going to end up fighting the tree in my backyard.

Uploaded 08/18/2009
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