Its Been Ages Since I Blogged So.....

Its sept 27th  at about 10 pm and im at a party drinking w/ my friends having a good time trying to get some girl for the night. Things are going well and were all pretty buzzed and  just jamming out to some crazy ass rock music :D my fav. Were all pretty much college students and a few of them are high school girls but ofc who doesnt like high school girls?!?! isnt some nice jailbait good? Yeah it is dont lie you sick bastards.

Ok so anywho about uhm 12 the po po's show up outside and just sit there. Its scary cuz everyone is just totally ripped and there is no way to hide this shit the house smells like a brewery and so do we. Funny thing is that all the idiots started freakin out and turning the lights off and the music off. Just pretty much like "hey cops come over here were all under age trying to hide shit were not supposed to have" You could have left the lights on and just turned the music off but no we HAD to make it totally obvious.

So dude gets outta the car and walks over to the house and knocks on the door.....O shit were all tripping now. Pouring ourselves out the window and ditching the house. A guy named Chris i know the oldest guy there goes to the door and opens it. The cop just tells him that he had gotten a call saying this house was being loud and disturbing. Nothing else, that was it. Kinda amazed me cuz i knew for a fact that dude knew wtf was going on. There were probably 10 liqour bottles on the damn table and the door opens right up into the kitchen

After he tells him that, the cop just walks off to his car and drives away. Like 20 people were crawling there asses back into the house scared shitless. I for one never left i just got on the other side of the wall which is about 2-3 feet from the door. I heard everything that was said and if he would have came in i was busted. I didnt really care though shit happens i didnt have enough time to gtfo.

Everoyne got back blah blah talked about it blah blah ya drink more.

Anyways that wasnt even why i wrote this blog the next part of my night is why im writing this.

So about 4 hours later, about 4:10 am, i got the idea to put bubble bath in the fountians downtown. It was a great idea to me and everyone else seemed to like it. So we get in my truck drive to wal-mart and buy 8 1 gallon tubs of bubble bath. :D The night got fun after this haha. The people at the check out were like wtf are you doing with this? I just randomly said were having a Slip-n-Slide at 4:30 am cuz were crazy ass college students....yeah i actually said that. We buy it walk outside put it in the truck and go to downtown Florence. We got a total of 7/8 fountians in downtown. I thought it was pretty good. The only one we could get was UNA the college fountian there was like 2 ppl walking around so we didnt get it. BUT anywho we ended up getting every fountian and not getting caught. 4 days later they were still bubbly and it FINALLY got on the fucking news like we wanted it to. Was pretty cool to me and i thought it was great. An hour after we done it soap and shit was running out in the roads. Long storyh short....i got wasted sobered up a bit went and done some stupid shit and went home.

Uploaded 10/05/2008
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