It's Going to Be a Great Christmas After All.

Hi eBaumers,
Just wanted to let all those concerned for my  well being know  it's going to be a great Christmas for Jeb and I. I applied for my employment insurance and I should be receiving a check in the mail before Christmas and it will be based on my last three years of employment before that new girl started and I got reduced hours. Good thing I got fired early to keep them figures up there.

So I figure like WTF right, I might as well take some time off and enjoy my entitlements, after all I've been paying into it for 5 years. Paybacks a bitch! And with the extended time I can receive it, I'm gonna ride this pony to the end. Wow Wee! This is sooooo amazing cause, I'll actually make more then if I was earning a regular check with my new hours. I'm starting to think the manager was secretly doing me a favour, being a friend of Jeb's and all. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they set the whole thing up.

This is of course great news for all my fans out there because it will give me plenty of time to entertain you all with my fine word smitthing.  Anyhow, love y'all.


Uploaded 12/10/2012
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