It's official- Al Franken D defeats incumbent Norm Coleman R

   Yes, it's finally over. It all began on November 4th, 2008 as many of us went to the polls to cast our ballots for the next President of the US of A. While some of us had another important duty to fulfill in choosing a state senator, Minnesota's went as long as possible.

   After the initial ballots were counted, Norm Coleman had a lead of I believe a thousand or so. This was too close to call a clear winner based on state law, so they decided to individually recount the votes. Al Franken also filed a lawsuit to request all absentee ballots be counted as well. Norm Coleman scoffed at this and basically told Franken to just take the loss and move on, but at the same time, Coleman had one of his close campaign adviser's take a few days off of work and hit up the Somali community to register more voters- hilarious in so many ways.

   Regardless, it didn't work. The last round of absentee ballots were counted earlier today, and the 225 vote difference added to Franken's slim but ultimately convincing 49 vote lead.

   Interesting how things change from Coleman winning by a thousand or so, but the hand count indicates a win for Franken by 274. Coleman has one week to appeal, and knowing the kind of bastard he is, he's already drafting up the paperwork. Time to take a look in the mirror and recall the words you once muttered to Al, Norm.

   I've been sorta out of the loop with the politics of late, but I believe this draws senate majority to within one more needed for Democratic senate majority to end the filbuster (60 of one party needed), right? And that can be settled with Georgia's recount, again if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure plenty of ya can verify or refute this guesstimate (too lazy to look up the current situation at this time). Either way, it seems the Grand Ole Party (GOP) has run its course, right?


   Here's a good story on the MN senate race absentee ballot recount if you're interested, which you're probably not... but whatever.


Thanks for reading.


Uploaded 01/04/2009
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