it's worth it

And i just figured that out.

when my wife first told me she was pregnant i lost it, i went on a two day drinking binge and got fired from my job.

ive worked for two months at a shitty job.

i sold everything in my home office/entertainment room. that includes my playstation 3, my xbox 360, my bose surround sound, my macbook, my iphone, and iphone 3g, my 46 inch flat screen, and every other little thing.

all so i can give my future daughter her  own room, in a house with a roof that doesnt leak when it rains.

 besides a few bills, i have saved every dime that i have recieved from my new job.


and it is worth it...... i knew it was worth it the first time i ever saw her tiny heart beat.




also an update on the turd in the leftovers: thank you to my neighbors dog scooter, who has provided me with a very respectable peice of shit, buried in the middle of my mashed potatoes.

ill do what i can to film it, but i cant garauntee anything.


im snugglymuffins, and i plan on being the best father on earth.


and laughing my ass off when that turd gets microwaved.

Uploaded 01/12/2009
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