I've Been To Their Kingdom

You remember that guy who bitched about other people getting their uploads featured instead of him, who uploaded the same clip before they did? Saying about how unjust it was and how admins apologized to him? Well I've decided to check up the feature fags world and how they live.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to get to Top 5 Users. I was #1 yesterday for uploading only 11 clips. That's swell. Where did I get the clips from? I re-posted them from another website, naturally. 

With the clips waiting to be viewed by an admin, I could interact with the weird species often referred to as 'no-life faggots' or 'feature fags' - People who re-post clips to this site in hopes of getting some ebones (source: Encyclopedia Britannica). There was one who attacked me saying he posted one of the clips I uploaded that day, a day before. Some other guy posted the same video some time before him and the user who uploaded it first got featured. But the whiny douche followed me here, to the blogs section, my domain, to write hateful comments.

Another guy re-posted a clip I uploaded before him. I decided to mess with the fellow, but he said that he'll delete his clip because I was first to get it here. I wanted to have some fun with it but he was so calm, like... like he had no soul. He was no fun at all!

A different user thanked me for 5starring his upload and said he'll do the same for mine. I guess it's some kind of a mutual support in their world. I liked his clip, so I rated it. I think they have some rating credo there. Buddies rate each other 5 stars apparently - might explain how some 1 or 2 star shit gets to the main page with around ten 5 star ratings voted before it was even featured.

As for the feature part - I didn't get any of the shitty re-posts featured. The cool, quality clip I've uploaded among them got featured though. It's just how I wrote in one of my earlier blogs - you upload quality, you'll get it featured.

As for traversing the unknown - maybe I'll go there again today. Interact with the outcasts of this site. The untouchables. The native Ebaumers. To learn more about their strange society.
Uploaded 03/17/2011
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