I've Decided to Convert to Atheism.

May those who love God, gods or the flying spaghetti monster, forgive me for my decision to become a person who dismisses such ideas as nonsense and superstitions. I have freed myself from the shackles of spiritualism and have embraced science as my moral compass. I now understand how my empathy, my profound desire to love and be loved is just an autoimmune reaction to stranger danger and environmental threats.  This has of course, been fermented over millions of years from the point of batting ones eyes to disarm a foe or threat into engaging the other in a funful way, to actually fooling ourselves that the fake body language can be translated into a situation of love and understanding. The experience is simply naturally occurring. In order for us to survive, this desire for us to know we are sane by engaging others in our ideas and hoping for positive feedback is just a survival mechanism evolved over millions of years. The evolved emotions of love, compassion, understanding are simply survival tactics that we now accept as the human being and not some God given consciousness. 

I must accept science as the truth, the way and mankind's only path forward from the dismal position we as subjects upon this planet must take. Religion has made many mistakes, caused the deaths of millions, spread lies about differing peoples, demanded complete compliance to archaic dogma, persecuted those who spoke out, and diddled our most innocent. Religion has collected billions to fund their programs, buy cigarettes for their priests, build more houses of biblical announcement, lobbied government to pass laws that supported their ideologies. Religion has taken advantage of those who are the poorest in all nations, by feeding them and administering medicine, and educating them, only to drop the religion bomb on them if they refused to pray. 

Religious institutions, built hospitals, schools, colleges and universities. It sent missionaries into areas of extreme poverty to aid others. But don't be fooled, that cup of water, that bowl of rice meant believing there was a benevolent being in the sky and you had to listen to hours of boring scriptures that drove most to suicidal behavior. Today we have the problem of the Muslim terrorist. These crazy fanatics living on the other side of the planet, with a culture completely foreign to us, decide unprovoked, out of the blue and for no known reason, to attack us, mostly on their side of the world. Somehow, eleven of them put the US into total disarray by flying planes into buildings. This is of course, the fault of religion. Makes perfect sense. How can someone of perfect logic think eleven men filled with extreme hatred for western values on one side and extreme love for Allah on the other, capable of destroying the most guarded border ever created? Of course, their success is best described with science, because religion has no real power. 

I have converted to science because it never makes mistakes, never killed anyone, produces only the healthiest of foods, always gets medicine bang on. No scientist has ever been caught diddling a youngsters ass or abusing children. Scientist never fudge the numbers or are seduced by government funding. Everything science does is for the betterment of mankind, forget the bombs, drones, and nuclear bombs. Forget the illegal scientific torture during WWII or the electro shock treatments and lobotomies conducted at federally controlled institutions. How about the CIA "Scientifically" giving unknown citizens LSD and paying the President of the American Psychology Institute to brain wash unsuspecting patients during the 1960's? It's for science, it's not like they are making offerings to the Gods! 


Uploaded 01/21/2014
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