J Fetus Pick of the Week for July 24, 2010

Members of the eBaums World family are always asking for my favorite media, hey J Fetus what did you really dig this week?  Thus is born the J Fetus Pick of The Week. This weeks pick imparts many valuable lessons; there is a little bit of learning for everyone in this feature.   Longtime eBaums community member Boomshakalaka, thanks brah for this excellent submission, uploaded This Is Hip Hop.  "If you wanna do hip hop you gotta stand like this" sounds easy but apparently Im not doing it right because all the kids were staring at me at the club last night. I know you may have thought hip hop was something else, trust me, I did too! Apparently I needed this prepubescent boy-looking white lady, is she really a woman (?), to show me the way. Oh is THIS how to do hip hop? Come on guys, it's "all about your posture" NOT about the culture of the music, physical ability, sense of timing, or rhythm!  So get your shit together and "start out just hitting' it", not "hitting it" because it's all about the attitude!  Do you hear me?  Make some noize!



Uploaded 07/24/2010
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