january 19th 2002

i will never forget this day. it was my 18th birthday. Me and my girlfriend ditched school to hang out. we went to this great place in charlotte, it had go carts, laser tag, everything. we goofed off all day, having fun, being in love.

we stopped by the baskin robbins on the way home and had a sample of every flavor (something me and her still do to this day)

when we got to my house, we ran to my room. my grandma had given me a new record player. jenny flipped through my small collection of records and chose her personal favorite, sgt.peppers lonely hearts club band. i set the needle onto the record and sat next to her on my bed. i gave her a small kiss on the top of her head as lucy in the sky with diamonds began playing......


that girl is now my wife.


yesterday i got home from work and found her listening to that very same record. she was crying. she's worried that we won't be ready for the baby. i sat down next to her and told her it will all be ok. she layed her head on my shoulder, and as lucy in the sky with diamonds began to play, i gave her a small kiss on the top of the head....


this song means a lot to me and my wife. so we are naming our baby girl lucy. lucy marie.


im snugglymuffins, and i thank god everyday for giving me my wife, and now my daughter.


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