J'diah's First Kill - A Short Story By ugdork

My little brother, J'diah was sposta do his pig kill today cuz it's his 12th Birday and cuz we gets our fangs at 11 we gotta make our first kill an show how we's ready to catch prey.

We's Boons. There's humans and there's Boon's and we got's our own nation and it's recognized and we's got our own customs and whatnot..

Pa's a mean som'bitch and he's organizin' the kill and he's ridin' J'diah real hard and callin' him chickenshit and girley an faggy cuz J'diah's small for 12.

Pa's a drunk and the mans (that's what we call humans. For short) want to jail him but he's our elder with immunity in our tribe so the mans' court is hand-tied and so's we get beat by Pa and we's gotta take it 'cuz he's alpha. Man's court looks away. "Aint their business...

So we set the hog loose and J'diah, he's chasin' it and all and the pig gets away and Pa's just yellin' and cussin' at J'diah cuz he can't catch the pig.

The tribe's like sorry for him and wants to say to him that next year he can get the pig but Pa's drunk on grapesqueeze and he hits J'diah closedfist and calls him faggy and whatnot...

So J'diah he aint got no kill cuz the pig got away and I hates Pa cuz 'a what he done to Ab'gail and cuz'a the beatin's he put on us all the years so I waits til he goes to sleep and I tie his hands and feets and I get J'diah.

J'diah he's shakin and don't want to make Pa his prey but we's so damn mad and he bites Pa in the throat and Pa wakes up and ain't he hollerin? But we's real mad by now and J'diah bites with his fangs and pa's just a sad sack of cow dung, all drunk and smelly and we smell fear and it's the smell of prey and I got to gets me some bites in too. When you smell prey it's hard not to...

My tribe knows that Pa's bad and what he done to Ab'gail so they don't report it to the humans.  J'diah done made his first kill and the som'bitch is dead. J'diah ate Pa's liver and we joked bout how drunk he's gona feel in the daytime.

Ma's a wreck but now Mr. Kreegle at the 'smiths shop's the alpha so he'll be matin' her in the morrow. I loves my brother, J'diah.

I loves him.


Uploaded 10/12/2008
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