Jehovahs Witness

As Many of my friends already know. I dislike Jehovah's witness's(hereby referred to as "the Fuckers") immensely. sadly I live in a town dense with the fuckers. Any way I recently had a major brush with them but first let me repeat the reasons why I hate the Fuckers. First off, they treat everybody like they are lower then they are, that they are inferior. If you disagree with me you must be a Fucker. Trust me I know. My landlord is a Fucker. Next They come to you door at your busiest trying to convince you to join a religion that doesn't celebrate Christmas, Birthdays, Hanuka, 4th of July,  Easter, or any holidays then later explain to you that hey only 80,000 people are getting into heaven... You'd think that they wouldn't try to get people to join if the queue is almost full. Fuck. Anyway, well back to my landlord. We had been going to a church and my landlord had the great idea of preaching to us at our house. gave us these books that tell us that we aren't getting into heaven and then he would spend 2 hours of my time talking about talking animals... FUCKER... anyway so one day he invites us to this party thing at our local theatre and we pull up and in big letters it says JEHOVAH MEMORIAL... moop. You cant imagine how pissed I was. I showed this stupid fake smile all night, while singing. My stupid Landlord kept watching me to make sure that I was smiling. I did run into a friend and found out that his mom is a Fucker. anyway we finally leave and my step dad tells him we're done with it and my landlord calls us and my  stepdad tells him that our new church is fun and we have a good time. He gets anal and starts talking about, Church isn't suppose to be fun... well then I guess they make it out to be painful. "you're having fun, Hell be where you is going"... fucker. anyway thats another one I thought up.

Uploaded 01/28/2009
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